Let’s Take a Look At Chemical Peels

sydney chemical peelThere is a non-surgical solution available for skin discoloration or wrinkles. This procedure is called chemical peel and when done right it is not only a good help in relieving an individual from issues stemming from such problems, it also is an ideal solution to keeping a person younger and fairer looking.

A chemical peel resurfaces the skin using a chemical solution. The chemical solution eats away at the skin layers and peels them out hence the name ‘chemical peel.’

This solution is effective in getting rid of wrinkles and skin blemishes, although this will only be at its most effective for light scars or wrinkles. It can only lighten deep ones so do be aware of that.

There are three levels of peel available, each depending on the skin problem that a person wants to remedy.

For those with fine wrinkles, acne or uneven skin tones a light chemical peel is the best solution but it only removes the outer layer of the skin. This should be applied at least once a week for up to six weeks depending on the severity of the problem and the results that a person wants to get.

For those with deeper wrinkles, acne, scars and uneven skin tone then a medium level chemical peel is the right solution. This removes not just the upper layer but also some of the middle layer of the skin. In order to really maintain the wrinkle solution results the peel should be reapplied six months at the minimum.

The strongest level is the deep level of peeling. This one is for really deep, relatively speaking, wrinkles, acne, scars, skin discoloration and even precancerous growths. In this level the chemicals eliminate the outer and middle layer along with some layers of the lower portion of the skin.

Local or total anesthesia may be used, depending on the level of the chemical peel. Usually, light peels do not really require such pain killers.

Application of chemical peel on the fact does not last longer than 90 minutes. This is because the doctor will often have breaks in between applications to avoid getting excessively exposure to chemicals being used for the peel.

After each treatment, the skin tends to be dry and reddish. When stronger peel is applied, the face could even swell. A protective coating is usually needed like petroleum jelly to shield the skin and keep in moisturized while the new skin begins to grow back, which will take seven days or so.

Since application of chemical facial peel is an out-patient wrinkle solution procedure, recovery should primarily take place at home. The doctor will recommend specific orders to hasten the recovery and keep the face out from complication. 

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