Scar Removal Options

Accidents are every day occurrences; they are a part of day to day living. It is common for people to get injured. But the sad thing is, injuries would always leave their mark on the skin: scars. They are indeed unpleasant to look at, especially on uncovered parts of the body. What could be more annoying if scars appear on the face, neck or arms. But other than their physically unappealing Scars can also inhibit your free movement. It can also be irritating and itchy as hell. That’s why for those people who have them, removing them is the only thing to do.

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Unfortunately, totally eliminating a scar is impossible. It is there  to stay for quite some time and it eventually becomes a part of the skin. It is not like you can cut it out because the resulting wound will cause another scar. Fortunately, it is now easier to conceal scars that no one can really see them unless they will really have to take a more thorough look on your face!

There are actually many ways to conceal a scar. One way to do this is to inject what is called corticosteroid. This is aimed at reducing the swelling and in flattening the scar. However, this procedure will have to be done a few times a week. It can last for a few months as needed depending on how well the scar is improving.

A more invasive solution is to undergo corrective surgery. Here, the cosmetic surgeon can change the scar’s positioning, change its size and length or even change its shape. They can also release scars that constrict bodily movement say scars that affect the joints.

Obviously, this procedure would still leave a scar and it will take a while before the new scar settles in. There is also a chance for the scar to look worse than the original one. Likewise, there are scars that are not good candidates for surgery.

If that is the case, laser resurfacing is the ideal solution. It can lessen the scar by burning off the top layer and inducing the skin to regenerate. This can flatten the scar making it less visible. Dermal fillers can also be used for this. They can raise pitted scars so they flatten out against the skin. Again, they won’t remove the scar but they can minimize it visually.

Discuss your options with a cosmetic doctor and learn which is really best for you. One or two of the options will definitely suit you, but this will also have to depend on your condition and preference. The type of scar you have will also dictate the procedure ideal for you since not all scars will react the same to the options mentioned.

Your age is also a matter to consider since some methods are not recommended for certain age brackets (i.e. young children). Health is also a factor. Patients who are not healthy may be discourage from undergoing surgery.

Then there is the ethnicity, skin type and color. For African-Americans and Asians, some scar revision treatments may make things weird by highlighting the scar more.

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