Wrinkles – Genetically Inherited?

While a lot of women spend hundreds and thousands of bucks to conceal, if not eliminate, wrinkles. However, studies can reveal that wrinkles are not just caused by factors we know, like age, diet, and environments. Genes are also to blame for this. 

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Wrinkles – The Reasons You Have Them

More and more people (women to be specific) are becoming more and more conscious of how they look. The notion that young, or at least youthful looking, is always in. The thought of fine lines appearing  on the face is just dreaded and dreadful! That is why the anti-wrinkle niche is growing in search for that one wrinkle solution that will make every girl’s wrinkle problems go away.

However, wrinkles are natural occurrence as much as ageing is a way of life. Wrinkles are caused by various factors, internal and external. Knowing what these are maybe crucial in preventing and even eliminating them.  [Read more…]