The Advantage of Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is definitely appealing to a lot of moms, with the promise of making them look as beautiful as ever! A mommy make over is a procedure that involves the two common areas of the woman’s body that affected by pregnancy – the breasts and the abdomen.

Pregnancy affects both areas. The tummy enlarges as the fetus or baby grows. This stretches the overlaying muscles making them loose and causing them to shift away from the midline of the abdomen.

The overlaying skin also stretches, thus, stretch marks would appear either above and below the belly button. [Read more…]

VECTRA 3D Imaging in Australia: See How It Looks Before Doing Anything

VECTRA 3D Imaging is one of the latest innovations that made the cosmetics industry even better. With VECTRA 3-D Imaging, a patient who wants to undergo a cosmetic procedure could look into the results even before she decides to have it? With the VECTRA 3-D Imaging system, one can take a 3-dimensional sneak peek at the resulting appearance and see whether or not the effects would be desirable enough. So, before someone decides to undergo a cosmetic procedure in Australia, Dr. Tim and other surgeons may suggest the patient to undergo the 3D imaging so she could see how a certain procedure could result to her future look. This tool is indeed helpful in determining the right method and the changes that the patient’s body will have to go through just to look even better.

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Wrinkle Solutions: Why You Should Need a Face Lift NOW?

When talking about wrinkles, an immediate frown on the face would be the response of many women, whether a teenager or an elderly senior. It is plain and clear to see that wrinkles, fine line and everything that has to do with ageing is a taboo among girls! Good thing a variety of wrinkle solutions are here. Facelift is just one of the effective and popular solutions available.  [Read more…]