Botox and Fillers: What’s Better?

Wrinkles are signs of ageing. Indeed, the passing of time could cause fine lines, dark parks and marks to appear on the face. An abundance of solutions are available. Whether it is nonsurgical or invasive procedures, medical or alternative, women have a variety of choices to help them alleviate the impact of ageing and stay looking younger and vibrant.

best botox clinic in SydneyCosmetic procedures are very popular these days, especially the non-surgical ones. The two most popular anti-wrinkle solutions that are popularly used: Botox and Fillers. Both are injected right on the spot that needs treatment. No surgery is required so patients can expect not to traumatize the body as a result.

However, Botox and Fillers work in different ways. Botox works by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin. It does this by blocking the nerve receptors so that the muscles do not react as much so they do not move as much thereby concealing the wrinkle.

Fillers  meanwhile fill in the gaps in the spaces underneath the skin to even it out thereby removing or lessening the wrinkles.

Once a patient undergoes Botox, her facial muscles are relaxed, thus, she cannot smile, frown or perform too much facial movements.

The good thing is that these anti-wrinkle injections are not that painful at all. On the part of Botox, since it works by numbing the muscular nerve endings, the whole area numbs so the patient does not feel anything. Fillers are usually injected with pain killers in them so that no pain is felt that much.

While it is easy to notice a person who had had a Botox injection, it is quite different when it comes to fillers. If injected correctly the effect is more subtle. Thus, a patient can walk out of the doctor’s clinic without anyone really noticing something has been done to the face.

Botox is non reversible. Once it is injected a patient will have to wait at least three months until the effects last. Even then the numbness will probably last a bit longer. Fillers on the other hand are reversible – at least some of them. Once they are injected, a counter agent can be injected to neutralize the effect if the patient does not like the result.

The good thing with both anti-wrinkle injections is that there is absolutely almost no waste of time involved. A patient can walk out of the doctor’s clinic and resume her usual routine the moment the injections have been given.

While some swelling or bruising appears as side-effect, these are usually rare and the only downtime spent is getting the injections done.

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