Meet Collagen: Dermal Injections for Younger-Looking Skin

There are a lot of reasons why a lot of people get injections. Injections are done to get immunized against diseases, get intravenous drugs into the body or they can get it so that they can be rid of wrinkles and look younger and more rejuvenated. Indeed, injections to look younger are big business in the cosmetic treatment industry. Thousands of people do not want to grow old and they hate it even more when their skin shows signs of their aging – wrinkles and the like.

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Why Collagen is Important?

The ageing process triggers the body’s collagen to break down. The same thing happens with overexposure to sunlight. Collagen is an important protein to keep the skin nourished. Once the collagen breaks down, the ageing effect begins to impact the skin.

A good way to fix this problem is to get dermal injections. One good injection option is to inject collagen. It makes sense since the body’s collagen breaks down requires immediate replenishment with new collagen.

With new technologies and science, collagen is used to ease the signs of aging, fill in scars and enhance volume. This creates a better appearance on the face by getting rid of the wrinkles and making it younger looking.

The Source of Collagen

Collagen is either derived from human or animal source, like pigs or cows. They are injected like any dermal fillers but with the advantage that it enhances the natural growth of skin cells.

People who get these collagen injections get a smoother and plumber appearance to their skin, giving them a more youthful appearance. At the same time it gives them better body definition in the face as it can give volume to otherwise thin areas.

Collagen Skin Benefits

Dermal injections also help lessen the effects of scars, acne, gauntness and wrinkles. After all, it is a natural filler. Once the collagen is injected it plumps up the dips and crevices under the skin so they even out in the surface.

However, dermal injections cannot be performed unless the patient first undergoes a test for allergic reactions. This is necessary to determine if the patient has negative reactions to it. Remember, some collagen types come from cows or pigs. Some may be allergic to them so it is better to test them first.

It is also important to determine the patient’s overall health condition. This will let the doctor know what you expect out of the procedure. At the same time it will give the doctor the opportunity to map out his or her moves so that the injections will be made in the proper spots in the proper order. This is to ensure that everything does come out exactly as the patient wants it.

One of the biggest risks one should look out for is allergic reactions. That is why it is also an SOP to get tested before getting this kind of injection. Infection is always a risk as well as with any injections.

After dermal injections, patients should expect to see swelling and redness on the injected part. However, this should disappear a week after. But if it seems that something is amiss, it is best to contact a cosmetic doctor and have it checked out.

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