Coolsculpting in Sydney: Body Sculpting Without the Surgery

When it comes to sculpting or contouring your body you typically need to go under the knife. That is why it is called cosmetic surgery after all because there’s surgery involved.

It’s not like it’s a dangerous procedure anymore. With today’s advancement in the medical field, especially in the technology involved, such procedures have become relatively safe and thus rampant.

However, some people would prefer not to have to go under the knife if they don’t have to. While it is safe there are still some inherent dangers involved. That’s why non-surgical cosmetic procedures are on the rise and gaining popularity such as the use of injections and even the use of temperature as in the case of Coolsculpting in Sydney.

Coolsculpting uses temperature to kill the fat cells under the skin. Studies have found that fat cells die when exposed to cold temperatures. But because they freeze at a higher temperature than regular skin cells, this procedure from Zeltiq allows the doctor to freeze the fat but not the rest of the skin.

CoolSculpting in Sydney

The result is that the fat cells that have been exposed to the cold die off while the rest of the area remains untouched, albeit a little inflamed. The dead fat cells simply travel down the bloodstream where they get absorbed by the white blood cells.

Another method of non-surgical cosmetic contouring is the use of sound. Ultrasound contouring focuses sound waves into a tiny point to destroy the fat cells. The fat cells blow up into little pieces which then get into the bloodstream to be eaten by the white blood cells.

The there’s injections. Like Coolsculpting in Sydney it too is non-surgical although one can say it is a bit invasive since you do get injected with something. This something is usually a mixture of fat killers that destroy the fat cells in the area where the concoction is injected to but leaves the rest of the area unharmed, or relatively unharmed.

The benefit of using any of these procedures is the fact that there’s no cutting involved. You do feel some inconvenience with the cold and with the needle pricks but your body does not get sliced open and the inside sucked out forcefully.

As a result there’s little to no downtime for yourself once the procedure is complete. You don’t have to stay in the hospital in order to recover. You can simply stand up and walk out the door. You may be a bit limited to what you are allowed to do for a few days but at least you can do a lot of the regular stuff you always do and not have to stay in bed for that.

However, doctors and surgeons warn that you need to really consult with the proper medical authorities before you decide to do any of these procedures. While they are safe and non-invasive they can still hurt you if done wrong and especially if done by an untrained person. Even the cold CoolSculpting in Sydney procedure can hurt your body if not done right.

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