CoolSculpting Zeltiq 101

Joe and Jane are just one of the millions of people who are physically active and stick to a healthy diet. However, the problem is that they still have that stubborn spare tire and muffin top that they find too hard to eliminate.

With Coolsculpting, Joe and Jane’s problem are now solved! It’s a patented, clinically-proven and FDA-approved procedure that freezes fat cells so that they are eliminated in the most natural way. It is proven safe and effective because it only affects the fat cells and not the skin cells.

Developed by Harvard scientist, this procedure is offered through licensed physicians. The CoolSculpting treatment non-surgically targets excess fat cells in the body that are the main cause of spare tires and muffin tops. A single visit can really make a difference with an undeniable reduction of fat in just two months.

Since there is no downtime, anyone can get treatment during lunch break and walk away afterwards feeling even better. After one to two hours, a patient can return to work without anyone ever noticing scars or pain involved.

Coolsculpting guarantees that patients will have nothing to lose other than the fat and those love handles.

Get a consultation right now to see if this is the treatment for you.

Coolsculpting – reclaim the real you.

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