Wrinkles – The Reasons You Have Them

More and more people (women to be specific) are becoming more and more conscious of how they look. The notion that young, or at least youthful looking, is always in. The thought of fine lines appearing  on the face is just dreaded and dreadful! That is why the anti-wrinkle niche is growing in search for that one wrinkle solution that will make every girl’s wrinkle problems go away.

However, wrinkles are natural occurrence as much as ageing is a way of life. Wrinkles are caused by various factors, internal and external. Knowing what these are maybe crucial in preventing and even eliminating them. 

wrinkle solution in Sydney1. Old age – Growing old is something that no one could ever alter or prevent. Perhaps, the best way to stay looking youthful while growing old is to embrace the ideal of ageing gracefully.

Growing older means the skin loses a lot of its elasticity. Once the skin is stretched out, it will not get back to its original tautness anymore. As a result, the lose skin starts to sag and thereby magnifying the creases and folds in the body.

At the same time the underlying layers of flesh and fat also start to disappear resulting to the formation of dips in the skin that when matched with the looseness results in wrinkles – a lot of wrinkles.

2. Sun – The sun’s ultra-violet rays is the single most important factor that hastens the skin’s premature ageing and the appearance of wrinkles. It breaks up the connective tissues. These tissues are responsible in giving the skin its elastic feature. Once these tissues are damaged, the skin will find it difficult to get back to its original tightness if it gets stretched out. Wrinkles then begin appear.

3. Facial expressions – Repetitive facial expressions may not be good to the skin. Actually it can be the cause of wrinkles. Heard of laugh lines? These form on the face each time a person laughs. However, too much laughter could cause these lines to become a permanent part of the face, so that even a person does not laugh still the lines are there.

Vices such as smoking and drinking can cause wrinkles, too. The same is true about stress and pressure. Wrinkles form no matter how much they are avoided. That is why a lot of people are always on the look-out for a wrinkle solution to help them with their wrinkly problem.

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