Wrinkles – Genetically Inherited?

While a lot of women spend hundreds and thousands of bucks to conceal, if not eliminate, wrinkles. However, studies can reveal that wrinkles are not just caused by factors we know, like age, diet, and environments. Genes are also to blame for this. 

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A team of scientists from Sweden and Germany found that damage to our mitochondria helps in accelerating premature aging. Basically, this damage is the main factor behind the development of the wrinkles as a result of the accelerated aging.

Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from mothers. But that’s not just all. Any mutations or damage that this DNA has is inherited as well. This means that not only the good cells are passed on, but also the bad ones. It is basically a grab bag of unknowns and it only begins to manifest when one gets older.

While really damaged mitochondrial DNA can cause some serious genetic diseases, slightly damaged ones are only a little bit nicer. At the most they, trigger premature ageing.

But genes are not the only reason why premature ageing occurs. There are also environmental factors to consider.

For example, too much exposure to ultraviolet rays can do it. Pollution can affect the fact, as well as lifestyle. Too many late nights combined with a lot of drinking and smoking can really wear a person down.

But when everything is put together into one concoction, ageing is even more triggered, moving the genetic clock forward. It is not just wrinkles that one should be worried about. Other age related health issues, such as diabetes, heart problems and dementia should also be a cause for alarm.

While there is really nothing that could be done about genetics – what a person inherits is what he really gets –there are however something that could be done to at least slow down the ageing process. This includes limiting th person’s exposure to UV rays. For outdoorsy people, or if one can’t really help but go outside, it is always wise to wear protective sunscreen. Even staying indoors requires the need for protective sunscreen! Indoor lights, computers, and gadgets all emit UV rays that could harm the skin to a certain degree.

Smokers should also be mindful of nicotine’s impact on the skin, not to mention to other parts of the body as well. That is why they are encourage to at least cut down they cigarette consumption for a start until they can completely eliminate this vice from their system. A look at an average chain smoker and one will be surprised to find out that his appearance is way older than his actual age!

If all else fails there are number of non-surgical and minimal-invasive cosmetic procedures available to help those who want to get rid of wrinkles and eliminate the unwanted signs of ageing.

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