Peeling the Layers of Chemical Peels

A lot of people are using chemical peels regularly (if not in the most obsessive manner).  Chemical peel Sydney is a body treatment often used to make a person look even better, giving him that younger looking and wrinkle free skin. However, a this product and the procedure uses chemicals to make it all work. The chemicals are usually acid in content. The solution used basically eats at the targeted layer of skin and burns it off chemically layer by layer.

What’s left is raw skin that is then allowed to grow back. This new growth skin is younger and fresher and is often devoid of the cracks and crevices that create wrinkles.

chemical peels sydney

Types of Chemical Peels

Here are the different types of chemical peel Syndey:

  • Alpha hydroxy acid peels are mild peels that are used to treat fine wrinkles, dryness, uneven pigmentation and acne.
  • Beta hydroxyl acid peels work on a deeper level than the Alpha variation. It goes deeper into the skin compared to Alpha hydroxy.
  • The Retinoic acid peel goes deeper than Beta hydroxy. It is proven and tested effective in removing scars and wrinkles and in solving pigmentation problems.
  • Trichloroacetic acid peels are an intermediate peel that can be controlled. The higher the concentration of acid in the peel solution the deeper the skin penetration will be. It is used to smoothen fine surface wrinkles, remove superficial blemishes and correct skin pigmentation problems.

The peel’s lasting effects vary depending on the type of product used. Medium peels usually last for a couple of months, especially if they are applied properly. Deep peels can go for more than a year given the product is used properly. Milder peels only last for a month or so. Thus, it is important to use a series of maintenance peels every month or so to maintain the effects. However, since it is mild there is little to no downtime and you can simply go in, have the peel and go back to your daily routine.

What About The Cost?

Chemical peels in Sydney are affordable. They cost anywhere from a few bucks to a couple of hundred bucks, depending on the user’s choice of peel. That makes chemical peels very popular since even those who are at their tightest budget people can afford them.

Anyone has the choice of choosing different peel treatments, from low strength peels to just a single treatment with higher strength. Both options will work and each will have its own ups and downs.

It is definitely up to the patient and the skin issues he has to choose which chemical peel treatment will really work best for him. Some doctors would say a series work best because only then can a patient determine how far to go with the treatment.

It is also worth considering the time frame of the recovery period. One time recovery may sound good but often it can be for a few days when using a stronger peel. Lower strength peels usually have little to no recovery period so one could also get back to his usual routine the moment the procedure is over.

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