What Should You Know About Using Cosmetic Laser Treatments

Lasers have now become a staple tool in every cosmetic doctor and dermatologists clinic. Relegated to science fiction and fantasy it has now moved to the forefront of surgical and especially non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Thousands of people have had a cosmetic laser treatment done to them and the numbers are growing.

Laser resurfacing is one of those procedures that are often performed among men and women alike. It is a controlled burning of the upper layers of the skin in order to remove the imperfection. This process does not only remove the wrinkles and lines caused by sun damage and aging but it also promotes new skin growth for smoother and younger looking. 

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The type of laser used is the fractional resurfacing type. Here, the laser produces an inflammatory response deep within the skin which creates a healthy amount of inflammation to allow the body to produce more collagen. The collagen creates a newer younger looking skin that is free of wrinkles and blemishes.

Cosmetic laser treatments can help with a variety of skin problems. This includes, but not limited to, erasing fine lines and wrinkles of the face, smoothening and tightening the skin of the eyelids, soften pucker marks and frown lines and improve skin tone and texture. This procedure may feel like a facelift in Sydney but without having to undergo the knife.

Factors Affecting the Success of Laser Treatment

  • The effectiveness of cosmetic laser procedure will depend on certain factors. The device being used can determine the output of the procedure. The training and skill of the person operating the laser can determine how fine and how well the treatment will be.
  • How the laser is set up in terms of power output, wavelength and even the duration of the laser pulses can affect the results of the treatment. Too little won’t do a lot and too much can burn instead of peel.
  • Then there’s the color and texture of the skin. The treatment may not work as well if the person is darker skinned for example. Multiple treatments may be needed to get the desired results and so on. The darker skinned patients can be a bit problematic. The treatment may alter the skin pigmentation such that they grow back lighter than the surrounding untreated skin. This can cause contrasts which would not look right.

Bruising and swelling are all part of the effects of cosmetic laser procedures to get a facelift in Sydney. That’s to be expected which means that patients need ample time to recover from the treatment. Remember, a laser was just used to burn away the topmost layer of the skin. That means the raw skin is exposed to the outside environment.

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