The Advantage of Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is definitely appealing to a lot of moms, with the promise of making them look as beautiful as ever! A mommy make over is a procedure that involves the two common areas of the woman’s body that affected by pregnancy – the breasts and the abdomen.

Pregnancy affects both areas. The tummy enlarges as the fetus or baby grows. This stretches the overlaying muscles making them loose and causing them to shift away from the midline of the abdomen.

The overlaying skin also stretches, thus, stretch marks would appear either above and below the belly button.

Pregnancy also impacts the body’s metabolism. When this happens, the body tends to deposit fat into areas where one never wants them to be – the waist and the thighs.

In a tummy tuck procedure, all the skin from the belly button down to the pubic hairline is first taken out. After that, the muscles underneath are “laced” up and brought closer to the midline for a flatter and firmer tummy.

After this, liposuction is performed to eliminate the fat from the waistline and the thighs. Finally, the bellybutton is reconstructed and repositioned before everything is put together.

A tummy tuck is fairly straightforward. While a lot of people think that the procedure is done underneath the muscles, everything, actually, is superficial. This means all the work is done above the muscles.

This type of operation is usually performed in a hospital, where the patient will need to stay from 3 to 5 days. The recovery period usually lasts for up to 2 weeks and the patient could eventually perform his normal routine after 4 weeks. A person could even hit the gym after 6 weeks.

The type of procedure that needs to get done on the breasts will have to depend on the breast’s appearance pregnancy. A lot of women would usually experience sagging breasts. Some get smaller while many lose a lot of upper pull volume. Of course, stretch marks are the norm.

The typical procedure can either be breast augmentation, a breast lift, or a combination of the two called augmentation mastopexy. For those with enlarged breasts that trigger neck, upper back and shoulder pain, breast reduction is the most suggested option.

Mothers who are planning to undergo mommy makeover are suggested to have this procedure after child bearing. It would be best to come up with (and stick to) a family plan, so that the moment moms decided it’s really high time to stop giving birth, they could eventually plan for a real mommy makeover. It is also ideal to get a mommy makeover after breast feeding or 4 to 6 months before having the procedure.

Mommy makeover is fairly safe, easy and effective. Getting the breast and tummy procedures at the same time saves time, money, and the need to get hospitalized plus the risk of incurring risks.


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