VECTRA 3D Imaging in Australia: See How It Looks Before Doing Anything

VECTRA 3D Imaging is one of the latest innovations that made the cosmetics industry even better. With VECTRA 3-D Imaging, a patient who wants to undergo a cosmetic procedure could look into the results even before she decides to have it? With the VECTRA 3-D Imaging system, one can take a 3-dimensional sneak peek at the resulting appearance and see whether or not the effects would be desirable enough. So, before someone decides to undergo a cosmetic procedure in Australia, Dr. Tim and other surgeons may suggest the patient to undergo the 3D imaging so she could see how a certain procedure could result to her future look. This tool is indeed helpful in determining the right method and the changes that the patient’s body will have to go through just to look even better.

Vectra 3d imaging in Australia

How VECTRA 3-D Imaging Works

In this type of imaging system, the camera takes a number of photographs of the body or the part that is to go through either treatment or operation. From these images, the machine will based three dimensional representations of the body.

Once that three dimensional picture is made the doctor will find it easier to determine what procedure is best to achieve the desired results. The system will then make the necessary changes to your three dimensional model. Once everything is the patient can have a clearer look of ‘results’ of the operation even before they’re done.

Understanding the Benefits

VECTRA 3-D Imaging is already proven a huge help in various medical and surgical applications, from breast enhancement and body contouring to facial sculpting. The system made it easier for surgeons design a customized plan for best results that suits to the patient’s desire– and even more!

The following are just some of the procedures that VECTRA 3-D Imaging technology can be put to use:

  • Breast Procedures: With the help of VECTRA 3-D Imaging, it is easier and faster to tailor suit the breast procedure to suit whatever the needs of the patient. It is really a good thing to have an idea at how results will look like and how a patient might feel upon seeing a different look of the breast shapes or placements. With VECTRA 3-D Imaging, patients will confident that they are on the right track on how they want to look.
  • Body Procedures: Do you want a perfectly flat tummy with a very narrow waist, but you’re not sure it will harmonize with the rest of your body? Let us guide you through various options for your tummy tuck to discover which one is right for you.
  • Face Procedures: For patients who want to undergo face procedures, facelift or a brow lift, perhaps but they are not sure of whether to pursue them or not. With VECTRA 3-D Imaging, a cosmetic surgeon can show his patient the various angles, options, and results, so choosing which is really which becomes more profound.

The use of VECTRA 3-D Imaging aims at making sure that the surgeon will only give his best in providing the ideal procedure for the patient while accounting the health and how the procedure will be impacted by it. Results may vary from what is seen in the VECTRA 3D Imaging in Australia but according to doctors who have this system it is not different by much.

The VECTRA 3-D Imaging is a tool to further enhance the consultation process. This means that this will be a tool to help you decide whether the patient should or should not get the procedure. However it will not determine whether or not the patient is really fit to get the procedure. It is up to the doctor.

Photo Credit: Canfield Scientific Inc.

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